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What makes GHE different..

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1. Service
-Communication with my clients is paramount to getting them the kind of event they are imagining. By asking many questions and staying in-touch, I can formulate a plan to get them the "feel" that they are looking for. I have studied public speaking and offer event hosting in English and Spanish languages.

- I maintain a very clean DJ setup with carefully hidden light cables, custom fitted cloth covers, and all of my cables drape
behind the Dj booth in order to present a clean appearance for the photographs. I also coordinate lighting colors and intensities with the photographers/videographers to keep your photos looking their best, and I use wireless lapel mics whenever possible. I dress appropriately for your event.

3. Performance
- Before your event, I spend hours creating sub-sets of the songs and organizing them in ways that will make them exciting and fun. By layering different versions of some songs and finding interesting ways to transition from one song to the next, I can sustain the energy and add a few surprises to the dance set. The result is an interactive "live" set of music that changes as
you change throughout the night, while still preserving the sing-along aspect of familiarity that we all love.

- I arrange my speakers up-high
above the dancers heads thus preventing assaulting their ears on the dance floor.
I have updated modern equipment and use the Pioneer DDJ-1000 as my main mixer. I use 2 Mac computers at the same time so if one fails, I can easily switch to the other in about 3 seconds. I also carry a backup mixer, cables, extra mics, and extra speakers.

Roaming Photo booth
- I now feature a state-of-the-art photo booth option that is NEW to Kentucky. It's Portable, Versatile, and Unique. It will be new fun for your guests and for you. It allows me to roam outdoors, indoors, and onto the dance floor to take fun pictures. The end result will be unlimited photographs that everyone gets to keep for themselves as they are sent directly to their cell phones with Gifs and Boomerangs too and custom templates. Ask me about this during our consultation! It's also popular for parties, corporate, and sporting events.

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