The Pepin Mansion, New Albany, IN

How to shop for a DJ

The Wedding Party DJ

The Dj can create the “feel” of an event inasmuch as music is a powerful motivator of people. A good DJ therefore is part musicologist and part sociologist. Read Moreā€¦

Hurstbourne Country Club Louisville, KY

This upscale Golf Country Club is one of the most elegant venues you will ever visit in Louisville. I worked an awards night so there wasn't much dancing, but I did not have any MC duties either. The people were festive and I was treated to some DELICIOUS appetizers and dessert food. I hope to go there again someday.

ArmDJ Conference Gatlinburg, TN

I learned so much about current technology and the upcoming advancements in the DJ world, that it was totally worth the price of 2-day admission. The large group of about 80 DJs was pretty fun to hang out with too. All in all a good experience with some helpful tips on marketing and advertising. I will probably attend the next one in Las Vegas which is even larger and focuses on the upcoming changes in the industry and millennial clientele.

Brooklake Country Club, New Jersey

This was a Master Class in MC work for me. It was a Bat Mitzvah that was totally packed and the biggest event I attended all year. I got to watch a complete PRO as he MC'd the event with constant energy, crowd control, and excitement. The music was Top 40 mainstream with clean-edits and the crowd was Adults and High-schoolers, probably filling 350 seats.
I was inspired by how well the MC maintained his energy being in his 40's. I went home and hit the weights :)

Terrapin Hill Farms Nicholasville, KY

On this night I worked as MC for the DJ, Keith Brockman (Sound Off DJ) in Lexington, KY. This was an amazing night for me because I mostly sat and watched a DJ with decades of Experience, and an INCREDIBLE Mental Capacity to recall THOUSANDS of songs, and read and control the crowd of constant dancers. I was never the same after this wedding because Keith talked me through his thought process while he was DJ'ing the event. I learned more than I ever have in a single night.

Best DJ I have ever seen.

The Sky Bar

The Sky Bar was a really good venue to have a small wedding reception because of the stellar views from the 15th floor. You could see all of downtown Lexington and get some quiet talking-space in the multiple rooms around the club. The owner Vince, was kind to me and happened to have one of the best in-house sound systems that I have heard yet in a club. The bar staff and attendants were all accommodating to me as well. I went from my Pioneer DDJ-1000 straight into his smaller house mixer using 2 XLR cables with 1/4 inch adapters, and the sound was fantastic! I even got my own stage to operate from which is super helpful in keeping some necessary distance from the dancers, and also allowing me to see the whole room from a higher vantage point.

Thanks Paul, Judy, and Vince

Koury Farms Auburn, GA