The Marion Barn-Lebanon, KY

This wedding was at the rural Marion Barn and I brought my Roaming photo booth and reception set up. There was lots of daylight coming into the dance party so it took a while for the guests to come indoors. I don't blame them as there was splendid beauty out there and great views of the horses and corn fields which were in full-bloom. I've learned that just because a party may take a while to get started doesn't mean that it is not going to JUMP. Usually it means that the dancing is simply going to go LATE! This was the case here and the party had so many active dancers, singers, and requests, that I was exhausted after the night ended. It was a ton of fun and especially successful because the guests had so many requests of their favorite songs. Its a DJ's not-so-secret weapon to fill requests that are meaningful to the audience at large. I spent about one hour solidly playing requests, one after another non-stop. Songs that were off-the-path and held private significance. That turned out to be a very active night for everybody.