How to shop for a DJ

The Wedding Party DJ

The Dj can create the “feel” of an event inasmuch as music is a powerful motivator of people. A good DJ therefore is part musicologist and part sociologist.
The Wedding Party DJ

The Dj can create the “feel” of an event inasmuch as music is a powerful motivator of people. A good DJ therefore is part musicologist and part sociologist. This is actually very important because the two go together inseparably in the consciousness of a good wedding DJ. 

  So how can you tell if a DJ is going to be good at your wedding? Well you cannot definitively but there are clues if you know what to look for.

Firstly, wedding Dj’s are SERVICE minded. They serve the entire room of guests and take the party in a direction that compliments the Bride and Groom and in most cases, the larger majority. So look for SERVICE qualities in the consultation, paperwork, and even in the initial conversation.
You know how you can tell when your waiter or waitress is happy to be there and likes their job? Its the same thing with your DJ. It is apparent in their attitude, expression, energy, and presence at the consultation. Is the DJ interested in YOU

Next is FOCUS, or attention. Dj’ing is technical and demanding on concentration. Does your Dj listen carefully to you? Is your DJ in-the-moment or distracted? Managing distraction is a HUGE part of DJ work. So is actual listening.
Does the DJ remember your names?

The Best Wedding Dj’s will take advantage of every moment with you initially to get a feel for your personality, your relationship to your future spouse, the dynamic of your family, 
your sense of humor, your energy level, your style. This influences how the DJ will SPEAK and MC your wedding.

Dj’ing, especially with the added MC responsibility requires LOTS of organization. So look at the paperwork and website. Is it in order?  Is it smartly organized, thorough, and does it communicate effectively? 
Are they prepared at the consultation or improvising everything? Are they on-time? Does the paperwork show an awareness of details?

To Dj a party is to LEAD the party. Confidence and leadership doesn’t need to be expressed forcefully but when it comes to the music, the microphone, and the introductions, the DJ has the loudest voice in the room and therefore should appear comfortable when they speak with you on the phone and meet you in person. 
A good wedding DJ will ask you many questions and be willing to work WITH you as well as CONTRIBUTE to your ideas. 

 *PLEASE remember that good wedding Dj’s often know more than most people about the best placing of the head table, the dance-floor, the guest tables, the seating of certain guests, the lighting, the size of the dance floor, the acoustics of the room and reflective surfaces, the types of floor surfaces, appropriate effects considering smoke alarms and electrical power sources, duration, and are good judges as to which songs will create a desired response, and when the energy should ramp-up or decrease. A good Dj will also know how to light a room to bring out certain architectural details, and provide focus for the head-table, entrances, and other areas for easy photograph lighting.

Finally your DJ should be asserting their knowledge when appropriate instead of asking you about everything. Once the DJ knows your goals, they should take command as necessary to achieve them. You are hiring a professional who has professional knowledge. Does your DJ?
You can get a sense of most of these things during a thorough consultation.